Counselling to Save Lives

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

SEGi University’s Faculty of Education collaborated with the Counselling Centre under the Student Affairs Division to organise the Counselling Awareness Day. With the theme “From Darkness to Light”, the event was championed by 2 registered counsellors and 65 students taking the subject “Guidance & Counselling” this semester. The aim of the event was to emphasise on the importance of seeking counselling as a form of positive therapy and to debunk the stigma surrounding people with mental disorders.

The event started with a welcome address by Ms. Lydia Foong, the Head of the Faculty of Education and was followed by the opening speech by Datuk Mohamed Azahari Mohamed Kamil, the Executive Director / Group President of SEGi University & Colleges. Datuk Azahari then presented goody bags to the children present from the Dyslexia Society of Malaysia, much to their delight.

There was also an interactive workshop by Ms. Lim Kar Gee, a music therapist. She shared her teaching methods which were specially catered to help special needs children to concentrate through music, by demonstrating her methods with the children from the Dyslexia Society of Malaysia.

The students also listened to author Ms. Farah Hanna Alkaf, who was promoting her newly published book, “GILA - A Journey through Mood & Madness”. The book offers a glimpse into the lives of people in Malaysia who suffer from mental disorders, largely considered taboo in Malaysia.

Several exhibition booths were also on campus to share information on depression, binge eating and counselling services.

Thank you, Dyslexia Society of Malaysia, Ms. Lim Kar Gee and Ms. Farah Hanna Alkaf for supporting the event!


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