Taking the Pledge of Professionalism

Monday, September 19, 2016

SEGi University’s Faculty of Pharmacy organised a pledging ceremony for its first year students to instill integrity and that they will maintain a high standard of professionalism at all times.

The students read out their pledge in front of Professor Patrick Kee (Vice Chancellor, SEGi University), En. Amrahi Buang (President of the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society), and Pn. Salwati binti Abdul Kadir (Deputy Director of the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia, Ministry of Health). Also present at the signing ceremony were Professor Dr. Azrin Esmady Arrifin (Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, SEGi University), Dr.Doris Pamela Alexius (Senior Vice President, SEGi University), Associate Professor Dr.Tey Kim Kuan (Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy, SEGi University), employees and students.

Pn. Salwati also presented the students with a mortar & pestle which represented their historical use in preparing medicines, making the ceremony even more memorable.

Thank you En. Amrahi and Pn. Salwati, for coming to SEGi University.


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