Healthy Habits to Keep in Mind on Campus

Saturday, August 20, 2016


We’re a little bit tired of the whole “freshman 15” myth. Staying healthy in college – both mind and body – isn’t some unattainable fantasy. It’s actually pretty simple! We pulled some easy tips you can adapt into your day so that you can keep healthy no matter where you are on campus.



Walk or bike to class.

Rethink your decision to drive or take the shuttle to class. If your class is close enough and the weather permits, walking to class is always the best bet!

Carry a water bottle.

Hydration is key! Health experts typically recommend drinking about 8 cups of water per day. Carry a reusable water bottle with you to class and you won’t forget!

Take the stairs instead of elevator.

Taking the stairs to your class on the top floor might not seem like it’s worth the effort, but it makes a difference! Elevator rides can get a bit awkward and cramped sometimes, anyway.



Get enough sleep.

Not only does a lack of sleep affect your health, but it also affects your learning and memory. That’s kind of important in college, isn’t it?

Don’t staying cramped up in your dorm all day.

It’s easy to settle for a lazy day. Maybe class was cancelled so you just want to lay in bed watching TV all day. Try going out for some fresh air instead – Netflix will be there when you get back!

Wear flip flops in the shower.

Okay, let’s be honest – communal shower floors are nasty! You’ll definitely want to wear shower shoes to avoid contracting any infections.

Swap your junk food for healthy snacks.

Sorry, but those potato chips and cookies aren’t the best things to snack on in your dorm. Try something healthier – like fresh fruit, granola bars, or yogurt.


Dining Hall

Avoid sugary sodas and juices.

When in doubt, a glass of water is always a good choice. You don’t have to give up soda for good. Just make sure you’re not grabbing one for every meal!

Add variety to your meals.

A pizza with a side of fries sounds like a delicious meal, but what about the other food groups? If anything, add a vegetable on the side of your meal or snack on some fruit throughout the day. Variety is good!

Don’t forget breakfast.

Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day? It kick starts your metabolism and helps your stay energized and focused. Classes will be so much better when you don’t have an empty stomach!



Dodge those all-nighters.

All-nighters don’t really accomplish what you would expect. You think it’ll help you study more, but it actually ends up resulting in increased stress hormones and impaired concentration. Pretty counter-intuitive, huh?

Take breaks.

Taking regular study breaks can actually improve your concentration. Plus, a big cram session is just going to leave you stressed. Stress = not healthy.

Avoid sugary energy drinks.

Many students are quick to reach for an energy drink when they need to focus on studying. News flash: these drinks are loaded with sugar! Try getting more sleep instead.


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