Easy Ways to Stay Healthy (Even When the Semester Gets Crazy)

Monday, October 10, 2016

Source: http://www.thecollegejuice.com

Staying healthy sometimes seems like a chore, especially mid-semester when projects and studying take up most of your time. Busy schedules shouldn’t compromise your health, though! Check out these easy ways you can stay healthy, even when the semester gets crazy.


Walk more, sit less.

Sitting throughout a day filled with classes is inevitable, so try to find ways to walk more outside of class. How about hitting the treadmill while you skim your notes for an upcoming exam? Or, try swapping your usual elevator ride out for the stairs. You can also try ditching your car and walking to class instead – at least you wont have to search for those rare empty parking spaces!


Get to bed on time.

This might seem near impossible when the semester is so crazy, but the busy days are all about prioritizing. Sure, you might have to skip a night out with friends or say no to that extra shift that’s up for grabs at your job, but a good night’s sleep is much needed!


Stay hydrated.

You barely even have to think about this one – it can’t get much easier than that! Investing in a reusable water bottle is the best way to stay hydrated. Just make a pit stop at the water fountain between classes and refill it!


Give your eyes a break from technology.

Staring at your computer screen all day not only strains your eyes, but it can also come with a pretty nasty headache. Remember to give your eyes frequent breaks! While you’re at it, give your eyes a break from your phone and tablet as well.


Cut back on sugar.

Don’t worry, you can totally still treat yourself every once in awhile. Just try not to make eating sugary foods a daily habit! The best way to cut back on your sugar intake is by simply opting for water over sodas and sports drinks. If you really have a sweet tooth, try making fruit-infused water for a touch of sweetness and flavor.


Don’t skip breakfast.

Listen – before you scoff at this and assume breakfast just doesn’t fit into your busy schedule, hear us out! Eating breakfast has a ton of benefits, including heightened focus and a lower chance of developing certain diseases. But this doesn’t mean you need to cook a full sit-down meal in the morning. If anything, grab a granola bar or a piece of fruit on the way to class!


Recognize stress.

There’s more to health than just the physical aspects. Mental health is important, too! Don’t settle for stress. There are always ways you can work on decreasing your stress levels, even when you’re on a time crunch!


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