The Finals Week Checklist

Tuesday, November 01, 2016


Finals are the most stressful part of the semester. Everything you’ve learned up until now has prepared you for this one week. No pressure, right? We understand how demanding this time of year is, but you can totally prepare yourself to tackle it all. Take a look below and check these finals week essentials off of your list!


Hunger is the biggest distraction. You’ll be busy spending a good portion of the week in the library studying and in the classroom taking your exams, so make sure you have some energy-boosting snacks with you.


Can you imagine finals week without coffee? Didn’t think so. If coffee isn’t your style, try a cup of tea instead!

Laptop and Phone

Okay, the laptop is obvious. You’ll need that in order to study any notes and PowerPoint slides you have stored on your computer. And the phone? You may think it’ll be a distraction, but you can actually download some free apps that will help you study!


Of course, you’ll want to keep your tech alive! Who knows how long you’ll be in the library for, so grab the chargers just in case.

Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated will keep you awake and focused on studying. A reusable water bottle is your best bet because you won’t have to worry about replacing it throughout the day. Who has time for that during finals week??


Let’s hope you kept those notes organized throughout the semester! Now is the time when you’ll really need them.

Comfy Clothes

Finals week is a judgement free zone when it comes to fashion. Feel free to rock your pajamas, sweatpants, and other comfortable essentials. You deserve it!


It’s a busy week, so don’t forget to grab items that will help you de-stress! Music is a great way to do just that, so packing your headphones for your trip to the library is a MUST!


Speaking of de-stressing, your friends are an essential part of it. Don’t forget to find time for friends and fun – even in the midst of all the work. You can even grab your friends for a group study session if you want to stay efficient!


This one is important! It may feel like a long week, but you can get through it with a little motivation. What keeps you going? We suggest browsing through some motivational quotes, giving yourself pep talks, or watching some inspiring TED talks.


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